Process Mind – Creative mind

13.9.2019 @ 16:00 – 14.9.2019 @ 16:00
Praha / Prague / Prag / Praga

Process Mind – Creative mind

Gentle methods for working with stuckness, creativity and dis-connection in everyday life

13th – 15th September 2019

Most of us want to feel and be creative and be connected with ourselves. In todays polarised, fast changing world it is easy to feel disconnected, overwhelmed, stuck or without purpose.

In Processwork we pay attention to both: the everyday description of human experience and to the dream-like field in the background (unconsciousness) of that experience. Being able to flow between both can bring us the new meaning, power or connections; find new solutions, or just simply have more fun being who we are!
The latest methods of PW are focussing on gentle ways of connecting with this dreaming field, the Processmind, as Mindell the founder of Processwork called it. Processmind – the deepest nature in us and in the universe, is the subtle yet powerful force which moves us. Having access to it helps us to stay present in situations which we find challenging being it personal stuckness, creative block, polarised conflict or disturbing body symptom. It can add unexpected creativity to our everyday lives.

In this workshop we will practice the methods of inner reflections, work in pairs and use creative activities to access the dream-like field in the background of experiences and to connect with the deepest nature and resource in ourselves. We will practice ways of applying that to different life situations.

Who is it for:
Anybody who is interested in personal development. It is for people who work with other people in different capacities as therapists, coaches, counsellors, managers, supervisors, facilitators. It is for people involved in creative processes.

Mgr. Stana Studentova Dipl. PW.

Stanya originally trained as an art teacher, then as psychologist. She works with wide range of human experiences, often those that we see as extreme, disturbing or conflictual, seeking the creativity that is inherent in our difficulties. Her aim with individuals, groups or teams is to help open up the possibility for finding “beauty”, making connections and growing in resilience.

Organisational information:
Venue: Prague (Prostor 8, Šmilovského 8, Praha 2)
When: 13th – 15th September 2019 (Friday 4pm to Sunday 4pm)

3 900 CZK registration and payment by 31 July 2019
4 200 CZK registration and payment by 30 August 2019
4 500 CZK registration and payment by 13 September 2019

We offer limited count of donated spots for students, mothers/fathers on maternity leave and seniors. For more information, contact us on:

Registration: Please fill the online registration formular and we well provide you with all the necessary information.

Language: English with translation into Czech
Accommodation: If you would like assistance to find a place to stay, please get in touch:
Contact person: Anna Ryvolová, +420 776 688 922

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